Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Winter light box activity

 The days are becoming longer and the light is returning, Winter is fading and making way for Spring, so we make the most of the last of it, being mindful not to wish it away in favour of the warmer seasons to come.
 The evenings are still dark and this provides us with lots of time to spend indoors and the perfect opportunity to use the light box, we decided on a Winter theme and collected bare twigs, evergreen leaves, seed heads and ice and snow from the freezer (doesn't everyone keep a jar of snow in the freezer?). We didn't put anything on it that specifically did something, so Seth had to use his imagination, he dusted with the seed heads, made stew with the leaves and ice, scrambled and scratched the snow with the holly and by the time he had finished he had eaten all of the snow and ice! Seth really enjoyed this and it's made me think of how we can use the light box more often, I can definitely see a Spring, Summer and Autumn version and maybe some Solstice ones as well. 



  1. Hi Lou, can I ask where you got your light box from? Used to have one where I worked years ago to look at photographic transparencies which seems a world away now!

  2. Hi, we got ours from www.tts-group.co.uk but it doesn't look like they sell the same one anymore, there are a few online tutorials to make your own too if your feeling adventurous x