Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Did you see it?

 I think Spring may have arrived here today, we woke to a dusting of snow that had cleared by mid morning and we were then treated to an afternoon of sun and dare I say a little bit of heat, at one point it was a T-shirt and bare arms affair which felt completely naked compared to the 6 layers I wore to the carboot on Sunday. So to make the most of it and get some much needed vitamin D ,we sprung into action and got in the garden planning, shuffling and dreaming and with that we added a little bit of Spring life to the nature table with an old milk bottle of daffodils and a jar of peach stones collected from my mums tree, soaking ready to be planted in a few days. Has Spring reached you yet? Has it really reached anyone? Or am I getting ahead of myself, only to be yet again woken by snow that appears overnight as if by magic and disappears just as quickly as if it were just a pre first morning coffee illusion?