Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Winter light box activity

 The days are becoming longer and the light is returning, Winter is fading and making way for Spring, so we make the most of the last of it, being mindful not to wish it away in favour of the warmer seasons to come.
 The evenings are still dark and this provides us with lots of time to spend indoors and the perfect opportunity to use the light box, we decided on a Winter theme and collected bare twigs, evergreen leaves, seed heads and ice and snow from the freezer (doesn't everyone keep a jar of snow in the freezer?). We didn't put anything on it that specifically did something, so Seth had to use his imagination, he dusted with the seed heads, made stew with the leaves and ice, scrambled and scratched the snow with the holly and by the time he had finished he had eaten all of the snow and ice! Seth really enjoyed this and it's made me think of how we can use the light box more often, I can definitely see a Spring, Summer and Autumn version and maybe some Solstice ones as well. 


Sunday, 10 February 2013

This week we've mostly been...

This week we've mostly been...
  • Inspired by this post at Organic Family Love to make some homemade mascara out of burnt almonds, it was quite fun to burn something in the kitchen purposely for once.
  • Making family footprints, it tickled.
  • Trying to convince Seth that ginger, lemon and honey tea is nice after we all came down with a cold.
  • Spying snowdrops everywhere, welcome spring!
  • Baking, baking, baking. We've made flapjacks, jam tarts and a huge Bakewell tart.  
  • Huddling, cuddling and resting under blankets whilst we all get better.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

This week we've mostly been...

This week we've mostly been...
  • Digging up over 2kg of oca that was planted way back in spring, just look at the colours!
  • Wondering what lives in that hole.
  • Considering what to do about our friendly cockerel who has taken a sudden severe dislike to Seth in the past week.
  • Slurping blueberry and banana smoothies.
  • Surprised at winning a personalised planter crate from yeo valley, Seth says he is going to plant roses in it to give to me (my heart melts!).
  •  Eating wholemeal scones made by Matthew, with clotted cream and a taste of last summer.
  • In the garden, planting a huge sack of reduced daffodil bulbs, pruning apple trees, taking blackcurrant cuttings, planting bare root strawberry plants and raspberry canes and digging, too much digging, ouch.