Wednesday 15 May 2013

Raincloud in a jar activity

After a couple of weeks of nothing but sunshine, and hope of a wonderful Summer, the rain has returned and washed away our fun and well and truly damped our spirits. But don't despair!... (well you can for a couple of days, I sure did), we will endeavour to turn this miserable weather into a opportunity! (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself here?). So here's our cheap, fun raincloud in a jar activity.
To do the raincloud in a jar activity you will need:
  • Cheap shaving foam.
  • Blue/grey food colouring or paint.
  • A tall jar or glass.
First cover the table as it's going to get messy.
Then fill the jar 3/4 with water and top up with shaving foam, the foam is your cloud.
Next, make your rainwater by colouring a little water with food colouring or paint.
Place the jar onto a piece of paper and put the rainwater to the side with a teaspoon or pipette.  

Depending on the age of the child you are doing this with, you could explain that the foam is a cloud, and the rainwater is a puddle and now we are going to be the sun and evaporate the puddle and 'fill' up the clouds by spooning some of the rainwater onto the cloud.

Slowly spoon a little water at a time onto the cloud and watch what happens...

It starts to rain!

It's so mesmerising, Seth and I spent ages watching the colour swirl in the water.

When you are finished and remove the jar from the paper you are left with a raindrop picture(depending on how messy you were!).
Variation - after finishing the raincloud in a jar activity, Seth asked to do it again so instead of just blue, we used a few colours, so that as the colours swirled in the water they changed and Seth got to learn about colour mixing. 


  1. How great is that, putting on my to do list, thanks for sharing xx

  2. Thank-you, it's loads of fun, I'm sure we will do it many more times to come.